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03/17/2003 Entry: "failure"

Not to be taken literally. Simply a picture i happened to take. First photoshoot in months, i confess. Had to recharge my camera.

And yeah, maybe, perhaps, you never know, i might be back with presents. I dunno. Maybe i've saturated myself by now with watching buffy over and over - all 5 dvd seasons, 100 episodes, 75 hours - and thats without the featurettes. Big fan. Huge fan. I could do trivia quizzes. In fact, i did. Luckily there are more people out there who will sadly miss it, once the last episodes is shown in May this year in the states.
That link was just a quick example through whedonesque. I should make a list... Gotta run now, the sneak movie is waiting!

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When you folks in Europe watch an American TV show, do you watch it in English? If I had to try to watch a show in Dutch or Spanish or French (gag! - France isn't the most popular country over here right now, but don't worry, we'll get over it), I'd be lost.

Also, I think I'm the only non-Dutch person in the USA who likes these "Klene Dubbel Zout" licorice drops. Everyone else I give one to here spits it out and yells at me! Are they really popular in Holland?


Posted by Ken @ 03-18-2003 10:57 PM CET

Its different for every country in Europe. Luckily, here in Holland and Belgium, we use subtitles. In Germany its dubbed. One of the reasons i hardly watch any german tv. Its horrible watching Marilyn Monroe speak german.

As for the licorice, it is popular here. Not too many like the really salty ones though. I don't eat it a lot myself, but once i start eating, its difficult to stop.

Posted by Ellen @ 03-18-2003 11:03 PM CET

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