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12/30/2002 Entry: "the history of the world"

This is absolutely brilliant!

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ellen, when will you update q&a?

Posted by christine @ 01-30-2003 01:52 PM CET

Sorry, i've really neglected updating q&a, and also updating entirely. It's good you're reminding me of it. Last year i was working on a system for updating it - right now its all handwork. Its actually progressed really, but i have to implement it and catch all the bugs before i do.

Posted by ellen @ 01-31-2003 03:33 AM CET

dang, do something new, please...a person might be chronically bored at work and in need--

also is Rotterdam the place to be? I just saw this and it's just another example of good things that seem to come from Rotterdam or thereabouts so: what is it about Rotterdam?

Posted by Charles @ 03-07-2003 08:49 PM CET

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