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10/20/2001 Entry: "update"

I completely forgot to mention (as i do many things) that i saw Moulin Rouge on the boat. Fitted just right with my sentimental preference for popsongs and unrequited love. I had to ask Daniela how to spell unrequited, even though it doesn't actually fit in with the movie. Impossible love is more like it. Anyway, i cried, sitting there on the boat on the Northsea.

I forgot to mention the disoriented feeling i had when i got out of the little video cinema. I wanted to wipe the windows, write my name in them, scratch something open. It was fog. Nothing to be seen, the boat going slowly, the misthorn sounding. I enjoyed that.

Well, some shoeshopping this weekend. Be back soon.

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Why do they have these great boots at Campers, which i simply don't fit?

Posted by ellen @ 10-21-2001 03:28 PM CET

i also saw moulin rouge
i was surprised at it because, it was amazing, and it was pro- taliban.
plus the pop was perfect.

lots ov love to your family.
hollis xxxx

Posted by hollis23 @ 10-25-2001 04:17 PM CET

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