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10/17/2001 Entry: "sigh"

If anyone thought 'oh thats nice, going off to London to do a bit of work', you're wrong. London is the most stressed out place i know, work is impersonal, and the tube is hell. I've got a nice place to stay, a lovely landlady and the sweetest fluffiest cat called Citty, which makes up for a lot, that i have to say. But quite frankly, i'd rather be home...

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Ooh well, its only for a month, and today isn't as bad as yesterday. Quite enjoying myself, really.

Posted by ellen @ 10-18-2001 01:35 PM CET

People passing the London Bridge on their way to work, wearing a suit and sneakers, zipping a coffee from a paper cup, meanwhile totally captured in a paperback detective...

Working in London is nice as long as it is for a short period.

Posted by Lcs @ 10-20-2001 04:58 PM CET

I give in to it, just bought a book with the dole purpose of reading it in the tube. After a week i'm getting tired of looking at all these withdrawn faces, people standing up and reading the newspaper.

Posted by ellen @ 10-21-2001 03:26 PM CET

welcome home!

Posted by bart @ 11-27-2001 07:49 AM CET

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