Thursday December 7, 2000
22.35 GMT

A big THANKS to everybody who replied to my job wanting thingy! I've got a freelance job from next week, which seems like a really fun job, even though its on a tight deadline. No more worries for the immediate future.
I don't wanna talk about Oven. For people who follow me, it must have been clear it wasn't easy. I do feel bummed out about the whole thing, and sad at the same time. But its time to move on, and leave it all behind me (even though i'll keep seeing people from Oven). Its my first brush with 'business', and i've learned my lesson. Gotta be more careful in future. Yeah!

Anyway, i got connected at home, so now i can update from there. And i do enjoy London, meeting new people (more than i could have imagined) and feeling more optimistic about life than ever before.

Thanks, guys and girls!