Thursday November 16, 2000
18.08 GMT

Its been a while. I could write something long here, about how difficult it is, especially work, on which i don't seem to get a grip. But i won't. I just hope i'll get the energy to start working on presents soon again, and maybe that will help me through work as well.
Untill that time, it'll be quiet here.

Its funny here at work though, all these people on their mobile phones walking through the wide midpath (one day i'll post a picture of the office, in secret... ). I hardly use mine, its just convenient to have one here in London. Not sure what i'll do when i go back, it has its uses. Its just that i forget i have it with me, and that would be horrendous in a cinema. Email is another thing here, i'm getting used to it, but it still feels funny emailing someone who sits just 10 metres away from me. Oh well, its welcome to the big modern world, miss ellen.

Anyway, i justed wanted to write something. Just say hi basically. Next time i'll do that in a more visual way, promiss!