Monday October 2, 2000
19.25 BST

Spend the weekend in Rotterdam, had a lovely time. It was so good meeting all my friends, seeing the place once again. On saturday morning i woke up and saw the sun rising, the birds whistling. I miss the birds here in London, its the most wonderful sound, especially when you're slowly waking up.

I wish i could talk about this weekend more, but i'm sitting here at work, its late, i'm hungry, i've got a headache, and i'm simply tired and want to go home. Once everything is settled more, and i have more money (paying a deposit and months rent, thats a _lot_ of money), once when i get access at home, then presents might go on as it used to. Right now, it just has to take a step back.

So i'll be getting some sushi from Moshi Moshi, here at Liverpool Street Station, go home and drink the one Duvel i took with me, and then off to bed and have a good nights sleep.