Hmm, i had people slightly worried about last present (well, people who can read dutch anyway). I was upset, i admit, and it felt really good to make 'You don't wanna know', just to bang it into the air. Yeah!
It was my first real homesickness-attack, just missing feeling at home, feeling all this new stuff crowding me, starting to feel some pressure at work. Nothing i can't handle, so i keep telling myself, and i'm probably right.

It is gonna be busy, and work will take up more of my time and energy than i'm used to. I try to think of a new present, but it won't come out just yet. I have to give it some time, let the dust settle down...

lfs (ie. with love)

PS. Today is Bank Holiday, but luckily the office was open. I left my mobile here all weekend (only have it for 2 weeks, my first ever, and i'still have to get used it, second time i forgot it). Someone just said it did ring yesterday, but now the battry is empty, and the recharger is at home. It probably was my mom anyway, i'll call her as soon as i get home. This weekend (after the drink we had with the about half the office last friday in a refurbished underground toilet) i've spend reading and walking. I could have gone to the Notting Hill Carnival, apparently the biggest outdoor party in the whole of Europe, but i didn't feel like being with so many people. So i i'm twothirds in this SF book (i think the title is the 'Reality Dysfunction' from 'Huppelepup' Edmonton or something like that, i'll check when i get home). I bought it last tuesday in the Science Museum. Andreas (he's from Finland and lives in the same apartment as me) said it was really good, so i got two books (both about 1200 (!!) pages long). Now i'm at page 900 in the first book. It's reading like a big adventure story, just what i needed.

Think in a minute i will leave the office, or do a quick run of Unreal Tournament. Hope Tesco's will be open after 18.00, think i'm gonna get a quiche or some soupe (or both..). I liked the carrot and corander soup i got friday, and the small spinach and salmon quiche i got yesterday. Strangely enough very limited choice in chips (or crisps). Just ordinary ones or the vinegar ones (i'm developing a taste for those though). The Pringles are available in more tastes, but they are becoming bland after a while. There are also these more expensive 'hand-made' ones, with balsamic vinegar and seasalt (*sigh*). And, stucked in the 'savoury' nibbling section at Tesco's, there are these chocolaty things, a territory which i have't dared entering yet.
And then there is the beer. Terribly unadventurous, i choose the Heineken, at least i should go for the Stella (which is Belgian, but a little more foreign than Heineken). I'm not gonna drink Guinness, period. But there might be some other stuff. What i miss badly though is Duvel, the ultimate, or a decent whitebeer, like Valkenburgs Wit, or a good Westmalle Triple.
Right... and now i'm gonna play Unreal, yeah!