Finally, some time to spend on presents. Can't believe i'm in London for over a week now, but at the same time it feels like much longer. So many names to remember, a new place to live, a new place to work. Wandering in the supermarket, looking at all this strange stuff (and some familiar stuff as well, but not my toothepaste, yikes, got to shop around for paradontax, i'm not gonna get used to those sweet menthol ones) trying to figure out what chips to buy, what soup to get, what colour toiletpaper (i got the light orange one, extra soft).

This evening i'm gonna cook at home (it does feel like home, even if its only for a month) for the first time. Just some Thai veggies already cut and noodles. Think i'll go to W&H in Liverpool Station to get a magazine, or even (heaven forbid!) a Dutch newspaper. And something sweet and chocolaty. And i should buy a book, i might go for some science fiction. I need something to do, evenings are empty without tv or internet. Haven't been home that many evenings yet though, with all the people working at Oven from abroad or out of London, having a drink after work happens a lot. Tomorrow i'm going to the Planetarium and the Natural Museum with some people from work, to get some ideas for a new project from Oven.

I actually wanted to write something about coming here, i just copied all the pictures from my camera. A sad and empty picture of my old home. It feels strange that someone else is living there, but not as sad as i imagined. I have no time to be sad. It really feels unbelievable that i'm here that long already, the evening before i left is so clear in my mind, i felt so tired, having packed everything and carry it to the attic (lucky i got one!).

Han (he's the guy from Modern Living) and Sylvia (she's an artist, no website - yet) came to get me thursday morning real early, 5.30. Everything fitted the car easily, three big bags and my computer next to me on the backseat. Only 30 minutes to Hoek van Holland, to the Stenaline Ferry. The trip is only three and a halve hours, and with seeing a movie onboard (Gone in 60 seconds, quite possibly one of the worst films i've seen this year) time goes fast. Eating at McDonalds (only later i realised that that was the last portion of the 'real' McDonalds 'fritessauce' for a long time - its really true, they don't have that here, only tomatoketchup, eew). After that everything went very fast, riding on the left side wasn't such a problem (at least not on the highway) and we got at Oven quite easily.

Think i wrote enough for today. Its still crowded in my mind, but i do hope to get some genuine presents done soon. Just been standing on the roof of Oven, taking pictures of the view. I'm gonna work on that at home (i'm at the office now, only have USB here). But i also got stuff to read, about new projects. Monday morning 10.00 first meeting! And there are some other meetings as well. I will make some photos from the office soon, it really is nice. A big open space with large tables, some quiet music. I got my headphones at work now, you don't put your sound on, and its nice to listen to some online music (which goes very well with the 2MB connection here - hehe).
Anyway, i'm gonna quit now. Gonna browse around a little, listen to some music or play Unreal (i've got to practice before i take on the boys here). Byebye!