Whee, i had something to keep me busy during this long weekend! Can't see another pixel anymore, at least for a day. These are all variations on a theme, toying with symmetry, rainbow colors. Looking at Dream, after making these, i can see how mesmerizing it is. Maybe i shouldn't have tried it again (thats asking for it), but then again, i haven't worked with such concentration in weeks, months even!

Every link opens a new window, 800 x 600 px. The swf-files are not that big, but they can run slowly, hmm, i need a faster computer!


Rainbow 1 [33K]

Rainbow 2 [62K]

Rainbow 3 [58K]

Dot [45K]


Tuesday, April 25, 21.40

I really am tired. And upset. In one week time two bikes got stolen. **%$^*!!!!!@#!&* Yesterday evening, after the movie, the bike i bought last saturday was gone. Its not fair! Dislike the idea of buying another one, but i really need it. Gonna get two locks this time.

One thing i'm happy with, is the many visitors to lfs.nl the past days. Lots of new people i guess, who might be confused about this place. I've been thinking of adding more ways of navigation, but that takes some time. The selection is probably the best place to start, and preview gives access to the earlier sections.

Hello to all the Scandinavian people, coming here by http://buzz.bazooka.se. One question: what does "Vackert | Jävligt flummigt helt enkelt. " mean? I tried some translation sites, but couldn't find one for Swedish. I want to know!

Take care, Ellen


Wednesday, April 26, 22.27

Profetic words: holiday. I tried some flash stuff this evening, but i'm not into it. So i just leave it at that and relax, wash my hair, get a facial and stuff like that. And now i know what the swedish sentence means! "Beautiful | Damn spaced-out/trippy, really" Thanks Markus!