Sorry honey, we've got to go

I am great.

Lets go.
- Be careful.

OK, forget my gratitude.

You have a beautiful smile.

We don't have to try to avoid each other.

No, you made the first move.
- Bulshit, you planned it.

I don't want to disappoint you,
but i want nothing to do with you.

The memory of your lips makes me sick.

Forget? It never happened!

Thanks for the shirt.
- It suits me better, but thats ok.

Very well.
- But then i won't travel in secret.

I wanted to thank you for saving Angel.

Tell me about it.
- He's cute.

I've got to learn to live with being a freak.
- You're not the only one.

I don't hug.
- Thats ok, i hate hugs.

I'll make you strong again.