Saturday i'm gonna buy the dinner table. With my sister to IKEA, I've got my mind set on the Nordas table, nice steel legs, extendible wooden tabletop. Maybe i'm gonna buy a Klarup woolen carpet as well, it depends on the colours they got. I'm living in my house for over four years now, and finally its coming together. And that just because i gave up the idea of a seperate dinnerroom. Now i got a wonderful study, and a living-room, with the dinner table in there (at least there will be saturday). These things, they all have their reasons. I feel like giving dinner parties, inviting people. Thats been a long time, years ago.

But now i enjoy the solitude. Just took a shower, washed my hair, and not for a moment worried about presents, what i was gonna make today. I'm more worried about my contribution for 'htv de ijsberg', which i still got to make. So in a moment i will start working on that, i got some ideas as a starting point, think i'm gonna use the dance gifanimation i made this week, a row of dance positions. Tomorrow i got to be early at work, around 8, but i'm planning to go home at 16.00, so i can work on it some more then. But i got to make a start now.

Strang how these little writings turn out, completely different from what i thought while i was standing in the shower. Just as well though, this is much better.
So now its Kraftwerk in the cd-player, a glass of port, a cigar (left over from the dinner party last week) and some decisions to make.