During this week i'll start moving into www.lfs.nl. It does feel like a big move, i need to get used to it. I have to check the old files, there might be some links in there which go to www.luna.nl/~ellen. In the beginning i didn't know you could do ../ and such, i typed in the whole URL. That seems so far away now. So it'll be a week of remembering, going though the old stuff, uploading to the new server, checking everything.
Once the move is complete, i'll work on lfs.nl only. I'll leave the old stuff on luna until that account expires (ooh, i'm gonna miss my email addres, the one reason i chose for luna, ellen@luna.nl feels so comfortable, ellen@lfs.nl is ok too, but i need to get used to that).
As i said, i'll work on www.lfs.nl, once the move is complete. Leave the old pages up as long as possible.


Don't mind me, i'm a sentimental fool. It'll all work out in the end.
Everything will be alright.

Walk lightly.