I nearly had it. I spend so much time thinking about it, how to go about it. Here in the Netherlands only businesses can get a .nl domain, so i made up this webdesign agency (not far from the truth really). I checked the weekend, the day before. And then it was gone. Only a matter of days, maybe even hours. www.ellen.nl is not mine. So now i got to take a deep breath, try to tell myself that maybe it wasn't mend to be, stuff like that. I don't believe that, i was simply being too hesitant. I still feel bad about it, having been so near it, i could almost touch it. If it had been gone for months, i wouldn't be so disappointed about it. In a rash decision, i decided to register another one: www.lfs.nl. lfs is short for 'liefs', which means 'love' or 'with love'. I do like it, its sweet and close to me. It'll probably grow on me, when its up and running, filled with pages. Maybe this is how its supposed to be, not something perfect from the start, but something that needs to be nurtured, filled with stories. Its like an ugly duckling, i don't know what will come out of it. Maybe it fits with presents, where i sometimes change my mind very quickly. Maybe the beauty lies in the unpredictability. I don't know. As i said, i still feel bad about it, gutted.
But, this is the last i'm gonna say about it, the deed is done, what's past is past. I got to move on, and i only got myself to blame.
I did put up a frontpage on lfs.nl, but thats it for a while. I got the world of cgi to discover, and ofcourse now is the time to look at all the pages, do some redesigning. Thats fun, got a few ideas i need to work on quietly (my free weekends now sure come in handy). So i got to 'keep on moving', like Five is singing. Yeah...

lfs, Ellen