Ellen goes away in style (profetic words)

Rotterdam, October 1, 1999

I get my present! (Marc, you're the best!)

Happy smiling people

Pieter drinks, Rob is looking at something

Rens :P

Jasper en Jeroen - father and son

Carolien, she's the best cook!

Jeroen and Han (Megaopenhaardcore)

Sylvia, one tough cookie!

Jelle dances the night away

Rene and Minne, friends.

Martine and Femke, cigar-smoking ladies.

Yvonne, friend and Peter vd V. (thanks for the car, Peter!)

Martine and Peter, they get real serious.

John smokes a cigar.


Pedro, Rene and Gerhard play the house down.

Rene grooves ...

... and grooves some more.

Lucky lady (thats me)

Going, going, gone.

Thanks everybody!