19.05 Rotterdam Summertime, Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Today i made a summer vegetable soup. I put lots of really red tomatoes and two onions in olive oil and some water with two vegetable stock cubes, left that simmering for an hour (while watching Delia's Summer Recipe's). When everything was really soft and squashed, i put everything though a sieve. Its a sieve where you can turn around a with a wooden, rolling thing on one end, a metal scraper on the other. It keeps all the skins and pips of the tomatoes in the sieve. I keep on turning and turning, the thick stuff at the end is the best tasting bit. After that i've got a beautiful tomatosoup, which is already good on its own. I baked some chopped (not too fine, its good to have some texture in the soup) courgette (that is the same as zucchini), carrots (all from my mom's vegetable garden) and red paprika in olive oil. A leek chopped in big pieces and put straight into the tomatosoup. Leaving that for a while, just time to drink a beer (Leeuw Valkenburgs white beer) and watch Ready, Steady, Cook.
After about 15 minutes i put the baked vegetables in the soup and put in some pasta (small, elbow shaped for me this time, but you can put in any type really, or leave it out, whatever you want). I picked lots of basilleaves from the plants from the windowsill, and made a paste together with two gloves of garlic, olive oil and a little bit of salt. I could have added some parmezan, but i already ate that while i was drinking the beer. Should work on my selfcontrol!
Put the soup in a bowl, add the basil paste and two slices of good brown bread and diner is ready! And ofcourse plenty for a second serving (and lunch tomorrow).

So now i got my page ready for today, just in time for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then My Own Private Idaho - i think i saw that film before, if i get bored i can always switch over to the Two Fat Ladies on the BBC. And i got a another beer chilled in the fridge! But i'm gonna wait a while, i had enough for a while (that soup was so good! ).


Take care,