Saturday, December 29, 2001

Oh hell, got home too late to make a present, and i suddenly got this idea to make a square videoclip - fun! - which is too much work for this late hour. So it'll be online monday, giving me the whole weekend to work on it. And then i wanted to make a small present, but all i wanted to say is that its too late, and then i thought, i can just write it here. But i said i was going to stop using it. Then i thought, what the hell. So there!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Time to do some rethinking of lfs. Or rather, redoing. For about 6 months now i kept besides as a place for random text entries. The original thought behind it was that i wanted to seperate text entries from visual entries. But i'm simply not a writer, and most times i'm annoyed with what i write. I feel more comfortable making things.

So now, while i've got some free times on my hands, i'll do a minor redesign on lfs, moving all the content to this place, one click away from presents. As i said earlier this week, i'll pick up presents again. It's what i like doing best, it's what is keeping me sane, sort of. And its a wonderful feeling making things, a feeling i missed for far too long. And doing it on a daily basis (except weekends) is challenging, hard work and fun. And you never know, i might just write occasionally, as part of presents. I know myself too well to say i'll never do that. It's all in the game.

So, time to start watching Inspector Morse, the final episode. And then, some work that needs doing.

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Sunday, December 23, 2001

Put the date to tomorrow, well, its only 15 minutes away...
No presents on Christmasday, going to see my family.

Happy christmas!

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Hmm, just found out that Scritti politti's 'Songs to remember', which i only have on vinyl, is released on cd. Ordered both the Japanese one with 8 bonus tracks and the normal one. The bonus tracks i do have on cassette only. Lyrics included with the normal version, that'll give me the chance to memorize 'Lions after slumber'. Untill i get them, should play the old vinyl, its been ages....

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Alright, picking up presents again.

Just gotta start doing things again, see where it ends. Instead of wishing i was doing it, simply start looking for special things in a day again. If its not there, i'll just have to make it.

Put on my ring again! I had this dream 10 years ago, where i had to choose between 3 rings. When i woke up i remembered i had a ring from my grandmother. It felt like putting on a engagement ring. Haven't worn it for 6 months. Feels right to have it on again.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Enjoying Kylie, being home, free, having made a present and going to bed and reading some more in Corrections.


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