Thursday, November 29, 2001

Gerard Reve works wonderful here in London, nice sitting in Cafe Nero looking out over Notting Hill Gate having a toasted sandwich, and then losing myself in 'Op Weg Naar Het Einde'. Started reading yesterday when i got on the plane, and was surprised to read the book began on the boat from Hook of Holland to Harwich. Now, it would have been better if i actually was on the boat, which i usually do to get to London, but i'm still happy i flew, cuz i had the most wonderful view of London ever, which is huge, by the way, like in, enormous, vast, when you see it lying at your feet (so to speak) going on and on into the horizon.

And, irony of all irony, saw the boots i really want back in Yoshi, Rotterdam, not in my size, which will be restocked next week. When i'm gone, ofcourse! Maybe i should ask a friend...?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Tomorrow i'm going back to London for a short three week period. So maybe some small updates in this place, but no new presents. Flying this time, hope the weather tomorrow morning is as good as it was today, all bright and sunny. Gotta start packing now, and burn some cd's to take with me. Already bought presents, lots of 'filled speculaas' - yummy - and a bottle of young jenever - yummy yummy. Also bought two Gerard Reve books. Curious about them. Dutch literature sort of past me by, i like exciting, plot-driven books. But hopefully, this time, i have the patience to read them carefully. And no better place to start then on the London tube!

Funny, i see the date and i realise its my father's birthday. Someone i haven't seen in like 15 years. Someone i rarely think about, not anymore. Sad.

- verdomme -

Alright, time to put on some music, Beatles - Revolver, and start packing!

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Sunday, November 25, 2001

Going through my referrers, i noticed Than ofcourse i had to go through lots of clicks to finally get to the guilty picture. Seeing that 3343 people already voted, with a meagre average of 6.18. Yeah, i voted 10. What else can i do?

Now, who's responsible for putting it up?!

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Sadly no Autovahn Realplayer version, but still lots of gems. Senor Coconut, ti amo! Or should i say 'Ich liebe dich'?

Showroom Dummies
Trans Europe Express
Tour de France

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Friday, November 23, 2001

Finally a new present. With a big thanks to jailbitch for the free code. Thinking about that while i was working. I'm not a coder/programmer, i'm an animator, first and foremost. What i do in code is more adapting it, but i'd love to be able to do original coding. Maybe some day...

More things on their way, following the same principle. Ofcourse colour will be integrated. Wonder if i can make it dependant on the position in the grid. And maybe some interactive rotation, related to the mouse position. Something i can work on in my comfy new chair, Operativ from Ikea.

O, i almost forgot, the website i worked on in London! Shipwrecked .

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Saturday, November 17, 2001

Love it when i come across something like this.

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Monday, November 5, 2001

Maygrove Road where i live, Wentworth Street where i used to live, West End Lane where the dry cleaner is and Oddbins, Kensington High Street where i work, Brick Lane where i used to work, Hanbury Street around the corner from where i used to work, Princes Place where i smoked outside sitting high up on the wall in springtime, Notting Hill Gate where i get of the tube (if i'm lucky), Kilburn where i get on the tube, West Hampstead where i get off the tube when i feel like it, also where i stumbled and fell, Brushfield Street where Soup and Salad is, Bishopsgate where Tesco's is, Liverpool Street the train and tube station, Hoxton Square where Lux used to be before it shut down, Pitfield Street for the best beer, Bell Lane around the corner, Covent Garden where Camper is, Oxford Street where i got the bus this morning because Central Line didn't go from Bond Street station, Finchley Road where Waitrose is, Commercial Street where Spitz Bar is, Charing Cross for the books, Seven Dials where i don't get lost, Threadneedle Street where i used to walk through on my way to the centre, Iverson Road around the corner from here.

The kitchen where the Pet Shop Boys are playing, Always on my mind, the living Room where Citty for the first time sat besides me this evening, the front door from where i expect Daniella to come through any minute. The garden in the back where everyone is lighting fireworks.

Its a good day today.

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Thursday, November 1, 2001

hoorde ik zacht.

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