Saturday, October 20, 2001

I completely forgot to mention (as i do many things) that i saw Moulin Rouge on the boat. Fitted just right with my sentimental preference for popsongs and unrequited love. I had to ask Daniela how to spell unrequited, even though it doesn't actually fit in with the movie. Impossible love is more like it. Anyway, i cried, sitting there on the boat on the Northsea.

I forgot to mention the disoriented feeling i had when i got out of the little video cinema. I wanted to wipe the windows, write my name in them, scratch something open. It was fog. Nothing to be seen, the boat going slowly, the misthorn sounding. I enjoyed that.

Well, some shoeshopping this weekend. Be back soon.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2001

If anyone thought 'oh thats nice, going off to London to do a bit of work', you're wrong. London is the most stressed out place i know, work is impersonal, and the tube is hell. I've got a nice place to stay, a lovely landlady and the sweetest fluffiest cat called Citty, which makes up for a lot, that i have to say. But quite frankly, i'd rather be home...

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Saturday, October 13, 2001

Going to London for a month for work, leaving sunday morning on the early morning boat, which leaves at 7.20. Luckily i got a room in a house with adsl and a spare mac, so i'll be around!

Sidethought: i feel lots of ideas fermenting. But my life at the moment is unstable, which isn't the best background for making presents. I don't think i need to explain myself, i either do it or i don't. Its more that i want to do it, but some things are holding me back. Someday i'll break through it. I'll make the sound square stories, i'll do the pictures, i'll write the stories, i'll do whatever pleases me to do.

Yippadeedodah! Ole Ole!

This is me writing very satisfied after having dinner at Zinc, where i had the best chocolate mousse, fish, mussels and garlic sauerkraut, venison and parmesan and a leek and potato soup. Not to mention the calvados and the extra portion of chocolate later on.... in excellent company!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Via Tonie ->Escape -> Kutjebef -> Joost -> Zidouta -> Ralph -> Cioran -> Hinke -> Wim -> Cockie -> Niels -> Els -> Wilco -> Ludo -> Hans -> Low -> Elrado naar hier, de vraag wat staat er open? Ik had liever een echt snapshot gehad, maar ik las de email al terwijl ik niet achter mijn eigen computer zat. Maar dit zijn wel de programma's die ik bijna altijd open heb staan:

Dreamweaver 4 - dit document - geen zin in alle links handmatig in te tikken, dalijk knippen en plakken in greymatter, Eudora Pro - met een vervelende email die ik morgen wel beantwoord, Flash 5.0a - sound.fla, voor het eerst iets met geluid, maar is nog lang niet klaar, ICQ - er is niemand, bah, Explorer 5 - zidouta, elrado,, gm.cgi, Transmit - geen idee waarom.

En nu stokje doorgeven aan milo!

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Sunday, October 7, 2001

Drunkmenworkhere are delivering the goods again and again. Number 84 took me some time to figure out, but once you get the hang of it, its great fun to play. Managed to get a low score of 23 points. Wonder if you can get any lower than that...

I don't know what happened with the time though, 19393186 seconds, thats about 224 days?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2001

I won a tshirt! The ultimate zero content tshirt, for being the 1,000,000,000 pageviewer at DrunkMenWorkHere.

Correction: Miss Ellen was the 1,000,000th pageviewer. Some perfectly legal liquids messed up her mind at time of writing. Please excuse her.

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