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05/19/2003 Entry: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The End"

It's done. Couldn't wait for the final episode to air here in Holland, that'll be months from now. I sat in front of my computer, watching with tears in my eyes. God, i love that show...


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salute & kudos.
love your site
got here linked from nobody
i'll be seeing you
lfs rocks

Posted by Lèna @ 05-21-2003 01:37 PM CET


Posted by ellen @ 05-22-2003 11:42 PM CET

dohh, you are soo naive and blondish and stupid. damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn how funny that all is. crying because last part of buffy. I'd like to have your problems and stuff. die.....

Posted by marduk_wins @ 08-03-2003 08:16 PM CET

god, i wish...

Posted by ellen @ 08-05-2003 11:48 PM CET

I sa the last episode on the computer too, and I find it so sad that it was the last one.


Posted by Hermanda @ 04-14-2004 09:21 PM CET

i just started watching buffy tvs a few weeks ago, it only took me one episode to get seriously attatched to the series. all the actors/actresses are great and i managed to see the final episode on tv today. I was brought to tears, and i hadnt even watched this series from the beginning. but i love that show.
p.s. it sux that its over.

Posted by katrina @ 09-13-2004 08:48 PM CET

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