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03/27/2003 Entry: "linestudy"

Basic stuff, the things i made two years ago were much prettier... Much more a coding exercise, this one. Learning new ways to do things.

Can't believe that was two years ago, i had to doublecheck..

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The new coding stuff: the lines are drawn through a setinterval, each 25 milliseconds. The way i used to do it was to put the lines in a movieclip and adjust x- or yscale depending on the mouseposition.

Ever since i made things with lines, i wanted to do it with more actionscripting, not animation. What i really want to do is this one with actionscripting. Need to get into elasticity for that. Not impossible, but i have to figure out how its gonna work.

Posted by Ellen @ 03-27-2003 04:16 PM CET

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