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06/14/2002 Entry: "tyres"

I made a record this week. A flat tyre is anoying, but easily fixed. I did so last sunday, but after happily going to 'Het Wilde Weten', it was flat again. So i walked to the Central Station, where you can bring your bike until 1 at night. The next day: fixed! The day after that i happily went on my bike again, after an hour: flat again. So i walked to a bicyclerepairman just around the corner, he put in a new protection something (velglint, which should translate to something as rimribbon). The next day it was raining so hard, i decided to take the tram to work. Today, i happily biked to work. After a long day: flat tyre.

I went to a friend, we had some sotu-soup and then we mended the tyre. Yeah! We managed to lose the ring around the valve (in case you wonder, i have a dictionary besides me to look up all these words, i never mended tyres in english), met all the neighbours of my friend, one to lend a byciclerepairkit from, the other just happened to walk outside with their absolutely adorable black labrador-pup and from whom we could use a ring from a bike they didn't use. But two passersby already got us a ring from a broken bike around the corner, at least i hope it was broke!

Anyway, i got an iMic, so now i can digitize my old records and tapes. Weird, because i have to use the Tape out-plug on the deck, i can't hear the music. Did a test cd-burn, and it sounds good. I'll never digitize my whole collection, too much work, but some things i would love to have on cd or as mp3, with cracks and noise and everything.

Tomorrow, i hope when i go and get my bike, it'll still be in working condition. But i'll take a byciclerepairkit with me, just in case.

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