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04/21/2002 Entry: "answers"

A small update on the answers. Still more to do, lots more. I know i should update them as soon as i get the answers, it gets a boring a job when there are so many. Drunkmenworkhere made a php-version of the questions and answers, but i'm not sure i will implement it. Even though it is a job to, i like to read the answers, actually putting in the work. It'll be different if its updated automatically. But maybe i can do something else with the script.

I know its a bit quiet on right now. A not very exciting real life does take up a lot of my attention. Cleaning, tidying up, getting my house on order, giving things their proper place, chucking out stuff i don't need and kept for far too long because i'm a sentimental keeper of things. Simple stuff like that. Its nice to live offline for a while, and probably healthy too. For a while...

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