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03/22/2002 Entry: "dreaming"

More and more flash, maths, getting into sin and cos and tan and atan and all that. Today i bought Flash Math Creativity, so a lot of reading and experimenting to do. Dreaming ofcourse refers to dream, which i made two years ago. Seems like a long time, but it feels close.

So, time to go to bed and do a little math reading. Cheers!

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Good evening Ellen,
I was just listening to 'Verano reflections' of Astor Piazzolla and Al Di Meola. At the same time I wandered through your 'dream'. It all became unreal, it becomes a feeling instead of just an experience.
To say 'thank you for that' is too easy. May I say that I love you for it?

Posted by evert lourens @ 03-28-2002 08:31 PM CET

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