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01/28/2002 Entry: "IFFR 2002 - In between"

Best film sofar: Hundstage.

Fat girl ( ma soeur!) is beautiful, touching, with a twist at the end. You do feel that something is going to happen near the end. Still remember the little doll with the yellow shirt and red trousers dangling inside the truck.

Not sure i will have the chance to see Donnie Darko, but the website is promising...

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it's all about dreaming
i guess...

Posted by nils @ 02-05-2002 11:36 PM CET

Hi Ellen, i hope you're ok. will you be updating the q&a section? see i sent you an answer to it, and i wanted to make sure etc. don't feel i'm pressuring you. an ego problem of mine i expect. if i send something i think's going to be displayed, it must be displayed! I apologise for my crassness. it will definitely, most certainly happen again.

anyway about the actual diary entry. it's great, couldn't be better. you should be mighty proud!

Posted by dave @ 02-08-2002 07:23 AM CET

Hi Dave,

yep, its top on my list of things to do, updating the q&a's. Been putting it off much too long!

Posted by ellen @ 02-08-2002 12:15 PM CET

that I Am Bald page is fantastic. who is the genius responsible?

Posted by dave @ 02-12-2002 04:00 AM CET

I am bald is made by milo - http//

Posted by ellen @ 02-13-2002 01:48 PM CET

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