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01/16/2002 Entry: "maze"

Hey, you can walk outside the maze too! The thought never crossed my mind, but it happened just yet. Not that there is any use for that... I had one comment, that there are only two real choices in the mace, and you fill up the entire maze. Yep, comes close to my view on love. Being forced to going round and round. Still a happy end, but its far far away, even though you come close to it sometimes. Me, i haven't finished the journey yet!

The next two/three weeks are going to be busy. Tomorrow i'll start working at the Rotterdam Filmfestival, selling tickets. Hopefully i'll be able to do some updates, even if its only pictures. For now, i gotta read my new Flash book, the ticket instruction papers, the newspaper and the filmfestival program which i managed to take with me from the filmfestival office. :-)

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