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01/11/2002 Entry: "Yes, its alright!"

Back from a lovely day in Amsterdam, where i was being told in real life that the alt spamlist actually mentioned me.

A little treat, for a short time online. If love were all, by the Pet Shop Boys. Enjoy!

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You are simply great! I have discovered your website today. I'd like to send you a mail but, since I havn't find it yet I've decided to write here. I just wanted to tell you that your work is really great, and the last flash movie about white dots crashing and playng piano is one of the best things I've ever seen on the net (and pleaze consider I'm an hard-(art)-surfer since 1996). have a nice day dear

Posted by enrico @ 01-11-2002 03:56 PM CET

Love the Maze!

Posted by Raoul @ 01-14-2002 11:47 PM CET

Wow, thinking i made something really simple - both 'maze' and 'prelude'. Its always good to hear other people like them too!

Posted by ellen @ 01-15-2002 03:17 AM CET

Absolutely brilliant! I've never been so surprised on the net! Even more so because we live in the same city, so a bit of your glance shines back on me!
Wish i had your creativity, so....don't stop surprising us!

Posted by jeroen @ 03-12-2002 01:10 PM CET

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