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01/08/2002 Entry: "8.I.2002 Un diario per immagini"

L’artista olandese Ellen Pronk dal 1997 utilizza il suo sito Internet come un personale diario creativo. Si chiama Lfs, contrazione di liefs, cioč “con amore”, e cambia quotidianamente. Ci sono gif animate, testi, applet in flash e giochi. L’autrice lo definisce uno spazio per giocare, un diario per immagini e un album di schizzi, presentandolo come un work in progress continuo, un’opera mutevole e caotica. L’ultimo aggiornamento vede protagonista il primo videogioco della storia: il famoso Pong.

Translation (through Babelfish):
Dutch L.artista Ellen Pronk from 1997 uses its situated Internet like a creative per diem staff. One calls Lfs, contraction of liefs, that is con love, and changes daily. There are GIF animated, witnesses, applet in flash and you play. L.autrice defines it a space in order to play, per diem for images and a album of sketches, presentandolo as a work in progress continuous, un.opera changing and chaotic. L.ultimo modernization sees protagonist the first video game of the history: the famous Pong.

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Leuk toch?

meer dan leuk zelfs

Posted by Raoul @ 01-09-2002 10:22 AM CET

Natuurlijk, mer dan leuk. In eerste instantie (he, nieuwe referer!) het prachtige italiaans waar zomaar mijn naam in verschijnt. De Babelfish vertaling is idioot, wat het stukje onbedoeld grappig maakt.

Posted by ellen @ 01-09-2002 11:28 AM CET

same too you, but in different stile, I like work on the time, on the toch of the wolrd

Posted by domenico @ 01-10-2002 12:42 PM CET


Posted by ellen @ 01-11-2002 02:23 AM CET

hi:) i'm italian... this is a better translation than babelfish one:)
(that was with no logic)
c u, nice website
the dutch artist ellen pronk since 1997 is using her website as a private creative diary. it's called LfS which stands for "liefs" meaning "with love", and it changes every day. there are animated gifs, texts, flash applets and games. she defines it a place where to play, a diary made by images and a sketch album, showing it as a work i n progress, an everchanging and chaotic work. last update shows the first videogame of the history: the famous pong

Posted by ehs @ 01-12-2002 04:08 PM CET

Thanks for the translation. I did get an idea through the babelfish translation what it meant, but this is much better!

Posted by ellen @ 01-13-2002 02:31 AM CET


Posted by car @ 01-29-2002 10:15 PM CET

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