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01/03/2002 Entry: "Behaviour"

Funny little thing. Yesterday i bought Flash Games Studio - highly recommended! - so now i'm playing around with code, thinking about gameworlds, learning new techniques. Behaviour is simple, the balls accelerate and turn red when they bump into each other, decelerate when they hit the border. I didn't anticipate they would try to sit in the corner. I've watched it quite long, and there is a stable endstate, mainly because so many are eliminated from the hustle and bustle. I could experiment with different acceleration and deceleration ratios, ofcourse, but somehow i think i won't be doing that!

I said in an earlier posting i would stop doing besides. Mainly because sometimes its very tempting to write something very personal here, as it happens when you sit alone at home feeling horrible. I don't like coming back on my word, but i still enjoy writing here. It simply shouldn't replace a diary, its a public thing, easy to forget sometimes, for me. Very happy i started doing presents on a daily basis again. Doing me good!

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