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12/26/2001 Entry: "Last posting"

Time to do some rethinking of lfs. Or rather, redoing. For about 6 months now i kept besides as a place for random text entries. The original thought behind it was that i wanted to seperate text entries from visual entries. But i'm simply not a writer, and most times i'm annoyed with what i write. I feel more comfortable making things.

So now, while i've got some free times on my hands, i'll do a minor redesign on lfs, moving all the content to this place, one click away from presents. As i said earlier this week, i'll pick up presents again. It's what i like doing best, it's what is keeping me sane, sort of. And its a wonderful feeling making things, a feeling i missed for far too long. And doing it on a daily basis (except weekends) is challenging, hard work and fun. And you never know, i might just write occasionally, as part of presents. I know myself too well to say i'll never do that. It's all in the game.

So, time to start watching Inspector Morse, the final episode. And then, some work that needs doing.

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