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11/29/2001 Entry: "Safe"

Gerard Reve works wonderful here in London, nice sitting in Cafe Nero looking out over Notting Hill Gate having a toasted sandwich, and then losing myself in 'Op Weg Naar Het Einde'. Started reading yesterday when i got on the plane, and was surprised to read the book began on the boat from Hook of Holland to Harwich. Now, it would have been better if i actually was on the boat, which i usually do to get to London, but i'm still happy i flew, cuz i had the most wonderful view of London ever, which is huge, by the way, like in, enormous, vast, when you see it lying at your feet (so to speak) going on and on into the horizon.

And, irony of all irony, saw the boots i really want back in Yoshi, Rotterdam, not in my size, which will be restocked next week. When i'm gone, ofcourse! Maybe i should ask a friend...?

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I will buy your boots for you, sure. I've got a few days to spend here in Holland so .... I like your site btw.

Posted by Omar @ 12-03-2001 05:22 AM CET

Thanks! Think i'll wait though untill i get back to Holland, hoping they'll still be in the shop. One more week!

Posted by ellen @ 12-08-2001 04:10 PM CET

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