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11/27/2001 Entry: "away"

Tomorrow i'm going back to London for a short three week period. So maybe some small updates in this place, but no new presents. Flying this time, hope the weather tomorrow morning is as good as it was today, all bright and sunny. Gotta start packing now, and burn some cd's to take with me. Already bought presents, lots of 'filled speculaas' - yummy - and a bottle of young jenever - yummy yummy. Also bought two Gerard Reve books. Curious about them. Dutch literature sort of past me by, i like exciting, plot-driven books. But hopefully, this time, i have the patience to read them carefully. And no better place to start then on the London tube!

Funny, i see the date and i realise its my father's birthday. Someone i haven't seen in like 15 years. Someone i rarely think about, not anymore. Sad.

- verdomme -

Alright, time to put on some music, Beatles - Revolver, and start packing!

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Got 'Revolver' on right now...excellent!

Posted by Cobey @ 11-27-2001 07:15 PM CET

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