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11/23/2001 Entry: "moving"

Finally a new present. With a big thanks to jailbitch for the free code. Thinking about that while i was working. I'm not a coder/programmer, i'm an animator, first and foremost. What i do in code is more adapting it, but i'd love to be able to do original coding. Maybe some day...

More things on their way, following the same principle. Ofcourse colour will be integrated. Wonder if i can make it dependant on the position in the grid. And maybe some interactive rotation, related to the mouse position. Something i can work on in my comfy new chair, Operativ from Ikea.

O, i almost forgot, the website i worked on in London! Shipwrecked .

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Welcome back. It is always a special present when you gift us again.

it is a "moving" experience.



Posted by Leonard @ 11-24-2001 03:58 PM CET

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