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10/13/2001 Entry: "Hey there"

Going to London for a month for work, leaving sunday morning on the early morning boat, which leaves at 7.20. Luckily i got a room in a house with adsl and a spare mac, so i'll be around!

Sidethought: i feel lots of ideas fermenting. But my life at the moment is unstable, which isn't the best background for making presents. I don't think i need to explain myself, i either do it or i don't. Its more that i want to do it, but some things are holding me back. Someday i'll break through it. I'll make the sound square stories, i'll do the pictures, i'll write the stories, i'll do whatever pleases me to do.

Yippadeedodah! Ole Ole!

This is me writing very satisfied after having dinner at Zinc, where i had the best chocolate mousse, fish, mussels and garlic sauerkraut, venison and parmesan and a leek and potato soup. Not to mention the calvados and the extra portion of chocolate later on.... in excellent company!

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