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10/02/2001 Entry: "Winner!!"

I won a tshirt! The ultimate zero content tshirt, for being the 1,000,000,000 pageviewer at DrunkMenWorkHere.

Correction: Miss Ellen was the 1,000,000th pageviewer. Some perfectly legal liquids messed up her mind at time of writing. Please excuse her.

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1,000,000,000 wow!
I would like to brag, but is 1,000,000 allright too?

[for nomenclature check #47]

Posted by hans @ 10-02-2001 03:57 AM CET

Pff, diep in de nacht geschreven. Mijn hoofd was een beetje op hol geslagen....

Posted by ellen @ 10-02-2001 10:18 AM CET

een geval van "over-enthousiasme"
maar wel erg leuk.

Posted by Raoul @ 10-03-2001 01:39 AM CET

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