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09/11/2001 Entry: "attack"

Just want to say something about the attack on New York and Washington here. Not that i know what to say.

00.31: After an evening of watching tv with friends, coming home and going through the internet news sections, my mind just cannot grasp it. Right now, i'm gonna watch some more tv, i've got to.

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I think it's horrible what happened. I've no more words for it, just horrible!

Posted by Ankie @ 09-12-2001 04:14 PM CET

11 sept. made my nerves screaming through my throat. It was if i saw an coitus in wich the men,two big airplanefishes totally destroy the womb the WTC towers an overwhelming collapse of a society.

Posted by colette @ 10-03-2001 11:21 PM CET

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