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08/09/2001 Entry: "My favourite is number 4!"

Wow, that was a long time ago, having such a wonderful happy feeling making a new present. I'm amazed, by tweaking numbers, playing around with scripts, then check the movie, and see something you just didn't expect. And then to think I didn't know what to do yesterday. Well, apart from doing my taxes and polishing the walls in my bedroom. Cheerio!

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Not the best title ever, couldn't think of anything really good. Didn't want to go for untitled, linestudy 3 or just typographic signs. And number 4 is my favourite!

Posted by Ellen @ 08-10-2001 01:11 AM CET

Actually, I think it's a nice title. Even though everybody knows number 9 is the nicest... ;)

Posted by Lcs @ 08-10-2001 02:36 PM CET

Got a soft spot for number 5!

Today i thought of these oneline drawings i made in the first year of artschool, which are still somewhere in the attic. Funny how things come back in a different form.

Posted by Ellen @ 08-10-2001 05:04 PM CET

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