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08/08/2001 Entry: "Smile"

wouldn't it be nice if we were older
than we wouldn't have to wait so long
and wouldn't it be nice to live together
in the kind of world where we belong

Beach Boys, Wouldn't it be nice. Appropriate music for doing my administration today?

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thank you!
since I've read this post, I can't get the tune out of my mind, I keep on singing it, it's driving me crazy!
Thank you very much.


Posted by Raoul @ 08-10-2001 12:52 PM CET

Yur welcome!

Posted by Ellen @ 08-10-2001 10:32 PM CET

seeking gorgeous girl seen flipping hair back in column 2 row 7 or lips in r4c3 or cutie in r2c3

Posted by Doug Maher @ 08-29-2001 04:11 AM CET

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