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08/05/2001 Entry: "nowhere near"

Yeah! Glad to put a present online, after those weeks of working on the preview section. Clearly in the same field as the linestudy, but now all the animation done in actionscripting. The code is a bit messy, i wonder if it could be done more elegantly, but i'll just have to work on that.

The first time that besides is taking it rightful place, the page after a present. What i write here takes the place of the little bylines i used to write in the bottom frame and the text entries i used to make as a present, many times in the past.
I do miss the spontaneous presents i used to make in the beginning, they are the best. Its just not happening, for a long time now. Hard to deal with, but i'm glad that i'm getting to a point where i can work and experiment and look into old ideas and see what i can do with them.

Alright, time to go watch Zomergasten on tv!

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I wonder if people can tell which is spontaneous and which isn't...

At any one time, I've got a dozen ideas in my head for . But while working on them I almost always change my idea and it never ends up the way I had intended.

Makes me hesitant to keep track of my ideas because I know I won't be able to keep to it anyway.

Posted by milov @ 08-07-2001 02:38 PM CET

The way i see it, i've got this big pool of not clearly defined ideas, areas, thoughts i select something out. What i call spontaneous, is where something becomes clear, at a moment i wasn't looking for it. The best times were in the beginning, where i still worked at Tripiti (untill september 1999). Walking back home, just a short walk of 20 minutes, i usually decided what i was going to make. There was somethng magic about that.

Right now, my life is in a different shape, and its harder to get to those ideas. Maybe its a thing of the past, or its an intermediate period where i recharge. What i do know is that when i feel happy, ideas come easier. Lets just say i don't feel very happy right now, and i long for the carefree time way back. Ofcourse, when i look back, and read the many pages where i express doubt and unhappiness, i know even that time was a mixed period, but the drive to make something was more prominent, even if it expressed doubt, unhappiness, sorrow.

Posted by Ellen @ 08-07-2001 07:00 PM CET

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