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07/30/2001 Entry: "Nearly done!"

I'm nearly there, about to upload all the new pages. One left over, put the counter in a square, i forgot about that. Preview is gonna be the first page, untill the next present is there. After that it'll be the centre of Don't know how many designs i went through, untill i decided to stick with this one. I like the grid, i can put in little images, change them easily. Not entirely sure about the frames, but it'll have to do for now.

Two things i wanted to achive with this redesign. First, make all the content more visible, tell a bit more about it, make it more fun to navigate through it. Second, incorporate 'besides', this diary in it, in order to seperate the diary entries from the visual entries. I didn't like the popup window i used before, hope this is gonna work better. Curious about how greymatter is going to work, and i have to remind myself the backup the stuff, its the first thing which is going to be online only. The guestbook is out, it was hardly used (should backup that as well, maybe put it in a present...).

I updated the answers, there were loads waiting to be incorporated. Maybe i should automate it, but i wouldn't know where to start, and i also like to read the answers people send in. Its a lot of cut and pasting, shouldn't leave it as long as i did, its a couple of hours work, doing 40 entries! Happy i put the questions and answer page besides each other, makes a lot more sense. The link section still needs work, but i can do that while its online.

I also put back a lot of the oldest stuff in retrospective. I pulled it offline, because i didn't have that much space on my old server. It was strange to see it all back, i hadn't seen it for years. The coding is horrible, and i couldn't resist optimizing some of the images, but i left the rest as it was. Its where i began, after all.

Alright, time to upload!

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