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6082006--0-4-, 07. 2

vaag! :-D

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6082006--0-4-, 09. 1

(i loooove that boom boom bap-- is it typical scritti?)


6082006--0-4-, 09. 2

It's hard to define typical scritti. From the post-punk late seventies, to the lush synthesizer mid eighties, to the hiphop late nineties to the guitar pop of now. Ofcourse i don't know what the finished album will be like, only been to 2 live gigs, which might deviate from it.

After that, uhm, yeah, if you do like Boom Boom Bap, there are more gems like that! There are only 5 albums up untill now: Songs to Remember (82), Cupid & Psyche (85), Provision (88), Anomie & Bonhomie (99), Early (05 - songs from the 78-81 time). Cupid & Psyche is an absolute classic, if you don't know that music, your life is not complete. :-) The Word Girl is great, Woodbeez, Absolute, A little knowledge.

Personally i love Songs to Remember, especially 'The Sweetest Girl'. Brushed with oil, Dusted with powder from Anomie & Bonhomie is another of my favourites. And i also like Skank Bloc Bologna and PA's from the Early compilation.

I'd say go and find some stuff!