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Nice story!

I like the fact that Green seems to be a nice cool guy. Something I always thought he would be.

But there has never been a bubble for me. Maybe because I make music myself.

Green has a fantastic voice
Green is a great and unique composer
Green seems to be a nice guy

The gig at the Luminaire was a very personal gig I think, Green was even a bit anxious and you could see and hear this. This makes the experience a lot more personal than those gigs where musicians are only doing their 'routines'. Therefore this was such a memorable gig. Very emotional.

I think I can relate to this whole thing. Lovin' music, the need to stop performing live because of panic attacks.

Looking forward to hear the new songs...


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5932006--0-2-, 20. 2

You don't need a cardiologist to have a change of heart !

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