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5812006--0-1-, 10. 1

very nice picture. What program did you use to paint it with?


5812006--0-1-, 10. 2

I used Photoshop. The plain brush, with mode on 'exclusion'. One of my favourites, you paint with complimentary (is that a word?) colours, and when you paint over another colour, it changes into its complimentary colour too. Gives a lot of colour and continually changes while you work on it.

You should, ofcourse, stop when the pictures done. That takes some practice and is very hard to pinpoint.


5812006--0-1-, 10. 2

Complimentary is a word, and thank you for the information. Unfortunately I do not have Photoshop on my computer here at work, just a lame old version of correlDraw. But, then again, we all need limitations.