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5562005--0-8-, 09. 2

Getting interested in javascript again, but i do need to dig kinda deep, its been years. Really rusty. So this is as basic as you can get, and i don't know if it works in IE. It does in Firefox and Safari on the mac, only Safari doesn't show background colours for the input fields. Should get the lowdown on that, noticed before Safari doesn't do css on form elements.



5562005--0-8-, 10. 0

posx and posy don't need to be inputs, you can simply use styled divs and dynamically change their text content like this (example for posx):

if (!posx.firstChild) { posx.appendChild(document.createTextNode(x)); }
posx.firstChild.nodeValue = x;

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5562005--0-8-, 10. 0

Dank! Ik zal het vanavond verwerken in een volgende present.

Net in IE6 gecheckt, gek genoeg werkt het script soort van half, alleen als de cursor over de input velden gaat.