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5522005--0-8-, 07. 1

Hmmm. I was checking Analogue to see which of my pages were visited yesterday. There were several hits on the essay I wrote, which I called Presents Tense.

I expressed my delight in your pages then and still check back to see what you are up to every few days.

I have been receiving advertisments offering to sell me stationary embossed with gold ribbons celebrating the 10th anniversary of my site, which did start in primitive form in 1995 (and never moved much beyond that). But, except for a few photo albums at and a page I maintain for a local community organization, I have not kept up my pages or added anything new lately.

I miss the challenge and freedom of writing my almost monthly Modemjunkie essay. I have written a couple of pieces for my Ordinary Potato series, but haven't disciplined my self to post more. Trying to get the courage to post some of my poetry, but that seems too naked.

Congratulations on keeping at it... even those days when you find a find a fresh way to present some of your old presents are refreshing.


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