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The drawing period seems to go on a bit. Thats how i feel, i'm just following my own footsteps, my own moodswings. RIght now, going for the little things, little thoughts, almost insignificant. Or maybe just plain insignificant! *grin*

WAlking home from the gym this evening, i was thinking about this smallness, making it tiny. Maybe i'm thinking too much about it, maybe i'm hoping that its an inward movement, only to come out the other end. Maybe i'm still thinking too much about the end result, about where i wanna end up, when i should just go with it and give up any feeling/desire of control.

Maybe maybe ...

Time to do some reading, doing the blog-rounds (still getting up to speed on these new-fangled blogs, my my, you sort of don't do anything for a year or two and all these people pop up doing and writing!) and try to get to bed early a bit.

Cheers and goodnight, my dear visitor!


love, Ellen