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5032005--0-4-, 17. 1

Feels like I have to write back something.
I like this site. And I think producing a present 5 times a week is not easy. That alone is already worth a compliment.
I enjoy looking on this place now and then to see what you did. And I am always happy to find a new present. And although I have my preferences any present is welcome!
So I guess I just want to encourage you to keep it going!


5032005--0-4-, 17. 1

Thanks for writing something back!

I was - and probably will be again - in a more reflective mood than usual. And at times i like to write and throw in some lyrics i hear at the moment.

And an afterthought, i like the 5 days a week thing. It works best for me. Which doesn't mean that at times it feels like a burden, but that comes with the territory. All in all, i love making presents!