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4842005--0-3-, 21. 1

But I like it.

OH did I forget ?
and clever

david W |e-mail

4842005--0-3-, 21. 1

You made my day with all your answers (635 - 638). Already in a good mood, now this day can't go wrong anymore...

Still gotta make a present, but that'll be fine too i'm sure!


4842005--0-3-, 21. 2

What i forgot to say, thanks for liking what i do. And yeah, it might be slightly crazy.. :)


4842005--0-4-, 13. 0

I found your site in the Flash for Dummies book! I have not even bought flash but need to get it for a project I am working on. I am little too left brained to think of the neat stuff you do. I am making a 'digital sign' for eye doctor's offices. Early version is at I have been using PowerPoint but the digital sign software doesn't like PP so I want to learn Flash. Anyway, I like your site very much. I am sure this is too much information but oh wellllll,,,,,,

dan homepage |e-mail