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4832005--0-3-, 19. 1

I do!!!

Torsten |e-mail

4832005--0-3-, 19. 1

I'm glad you do!

To be honest, this present is a bit vague to me, i had some alcohol in my system. By the looks of it, it means something to me, but i don't know what...

Which makes me think of last night, i fell asleep on the couch, and once i woke up and got into bed, i remember being really awake. At one point, and i'm not sure ireally did happen like that, i feel from lying awake straight into a dream, but it was a lucid dream, in which i was conscious of dreaming. I remember writing my name a couple of times, i remember walking on a street and meeitng other people, thinking, 'those people are dreaming and i'm awake'.

It feels very far away now, and i'm not sure it actually did happen. But i do have the feeling it did...