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A rarity, this one. Never done a 'music video' before. When i have these imaginary conversations, or interviews (yeah, i got those :P ), i let people ask me why there is hardly any sound on my website. I always answer something like "i don't make music', i don't play an instrument', 'too easy'.

So as an exception, a big flash music video! I got the idea walking home from the gym, the idea of drawing, frame-by-frame animation, things that are scattered throughout my work. Halfway i realised this song from Bloc Party would fit nicely, and, bonus, its a free demo you can actually download from their website (

I started at half past eight, but had to play with Muis in between a bit. I cheated near the end, copied all the frames i had done sofar - i was halfway - pasted it at the end and reversed the order.

I probably could have worked on it tomorrow evening as well, but i did kinda like the reversal, and anyway, its a sketch. So done in three hours, here's my music video!

*big, happy, smile*


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This totally kicked ass!!!!!

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